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[PHM Society] Call for Nominations: PHM Society Awards

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2019 PHM Society Awards


Call for Nominations for

Fellow, Lifetime Achievement, Contributor of the Year


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Each year the PHM Society solicits nominations from the PHM community to honor candidates who have truly distinguished themselves in service to the PHM Society as well as the discipline as a whole.

There are three categories of awards:

    PHM Contributor of the Year – Individual and Organization

    PHM Society Fellow

    Lifetime Achievement Award


We invite YOU to seriously consider nominating one or more deserving people for the 2019 PHM Society Awards. Those chosen for an award by the Board of Directors will be recognized during the banquet at the 2019 PHM Conference.


Please help us identify worthy candidates!


You can find further detail on the awards as well as the nomination forms on https://www.phmsociety.org/awards.


And, please, hurry - nominations will close on May 31, 2019, so get those nominations in SOON!!! Please direct any questions to Steve Holland (Chair of PHM Society 2019 Awards Nominating Committee, mailto:nominations@phmsociety.org).



Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!


Steve Holland, Chair

PHM Society Awards Nominating Committee

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